Data Center Solutions

DigitalCast has the expertise, seasoned professionals and proven track record that will make your data center implementation seamless.

Building a New Data Center Space
Project Management

  • Capacity Planning (Power & Cooling)
  • Coordinate Materials Logistics
  • Site Coordination
  • Contractor Management
  • Purchase & Install Data Center Infrastructure
  • Timeline Management
  • Data Center Cleaning

Moving to a Colocation Space
A data center migration is a complicated project, one that you’re not likely to repeat any time soon. In fact, most IT people have moved a data center only once in their career, so it’s quite possible your team does not have in-depth experience in this area.
Our experienced data center migration professionals, are well-equipped to help you get it done, on time and within budget. They use a repeatable, proven process that assures the highest levels of availability, the lowest risk and the fastest migration times possible.
Migrate your current facility with confidence. From planning the move to installing the hardware, we manage and coordinate every stage of the operation for smooth and timely integration.
– Risk & Resource Management – Destination
– Equipment Survey & Evaluation – Physical Move
– Rack & Stack – Co-location Coordination
– Project Preparation

Expanding an Existing Data Center
Integrate legacy systems into your new expansion without compromising operational efficiency.
We’re vendor neutral, so you’ll always get best-in-breed solutions that meet your specific needs.
– Power & Cooling Expansions – Migrating Equipment Between Data
– Air Containment Systems – Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring
– Add on Infrastructure Hardware.
When you choose our team to act as your single vendor, you benefit:
• Equinix vets all the vendor partners, simplifying the sourcing process and ensuring you’re working with the best. All parts and labor are billed through Equinix, so there’s no need to manage multiple invoices.
• An unparalleled knowledge of how our data centers operate means that our experts can anticipate and resolve issues before they become problems, since we know all the details and specifics of each facility.
• World-class colocation design and optimization capabilities help you design a cage that optimizes space and ensures ease of access for service.
• Only Equinix has the ability to begin work before the colocation cage is completed, saving time and money for your project.
• Equinix’s fast, professional project management means you’ll have a data center
professional who is organizing the entire process for efficiency and speed.

Equipment installation is
performed in parallel with cage build-out. Complete project management is provided for shipping, security and logistics. And the turnkey delivery on a single invoice saves time and money.
• Future proofing your infrastructure is easy with Equinix. We understand trends in data
center technology and can recommend solutions, such as cable types and expansion panels, which
will accommodate the greatest amount of flexibility for long-term growth.
• Global capabilities and consistency provide operational simplicity. As the largest retail
colocation provider in the world, you can be assured each Equinix site offers consistent
configuration. This dramatically reduces complexity and enhances operational management
regardless of location.
• Equinix Structured Cabling helps reduce the chances of errors such as the wrong cable
accidentally being unplugged, resulting in unwanted downtime. Most outages are caused by poor
cabling—which is why Equinix Structured Cabling provides advice on cable management and expert
installation of cabling infrastructure, including detailed inventory and proper labeling.

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